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Limes Dry cleaners story

The team at Limes Dry Cleaners are skilled professionals ready to help and advise. Limes continuously strives to evolve ways dry cleaning is brought to its customers that are up to date while also forward thinking which helps us stand far and above our competitors. With many years experience in the dry cleaning industry we have a true appreciation of the challenges that are faced on a daily basis.


Limes believe in 3 core values which has helped its ever growing reputation and the foundations which has helped it become what is it today: attention to detail, providing the highest quality service standards and a professional caring approach to our clients needs.


Having a view of providing superior customer service,with drive and passion,we continue to work with our customers making the dry cleaning dash a happy and enjoyable experience.


Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainable Business is a priority for the team at Limes Dry Cleaners. With our continual investment in technology, staff training and improved customer focus limes dry cleaners

ensures that our clients receive the best possible quality, service and support.  

Our experienced team understand the complexities and challenges of treating garments in the correct manner, every garment we receive is cared for by our specialists. We pride ourselves in doing things right the first time. Providing top quality products and good service is paramount to Limes Dry Cleaning. Doing things right by our staff and customers is the way “we” do business.  The team is dedicated to our commitment in providing you with 100% satisfaction.

We’re part of the community 


We are not only committed to our customers, we’re committed in keeping the residents of Neutral Bay pleased. As part of the community, we work in support of local schools and committees. We are constantly aiming to support more programs that make life better for our friends and neighbours who live here. By offering the Red Box service, Limes Dry Cleaners offers 24 hour drop off and pick up service. This allows local residents to get on with their life and leave their dry cleaning in the hands of professionals. 



The team that cares

Limes is an owner/operated business with many years experience giving our customers the peace of mind that there clothes will be treated with the best of care at all times. The staff at Limes are blessed with extensive dry cleaning backgrounds which gives them the capability to meet our clients needs and expectations. 


The team at Limes are determined to satisfy all our customers needs at all times with the most positive and friendly service possible. Nothing is too little or too much and strive to have our customers leave our shop feeling comfortable and with a smile on there face.



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